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Alison Taylor

Alison Taylor was brought up in Cheshire and the Peak District and, after leaving grammar school, planned to read for a degree in architecture.  However, a strong interest in social issues led to a change of direction and she later gained post-graduate level qualifications in social work.


Early in her career she developed special expertise with the mentally ill and with young offenders.  In 1976 she took up post as a senior child care social worker with the former Gwynedd County Council.


In 1985, increasingly disturbed by allegations of the abuse of children in care, she took her concerns to North Wales Police, and was sacked for breaking ranks.  In 1989 she won her claim for unfair dismissal.


Her campaigning for the widespread allegations of child abuse in north Wales to be properly investigated bore fruit in 1996 when a Tribunal of Inquiry, led by retired judge Sir Ronald Waterhouse began hearing evidence.


The Tribunal’s report, Lost in Care, was published in February 2000.  It the condemned local authorities for their wholesale neglect and endangerment of children and for systematically burying abuse allegations, and heavily criticised various senior police officers.


Despite the findings of Lost in Care, she is still accused by those with their own shadowy agenda of organising a conspiracy of false allegations and of fabricating abuse allegations for gain.


In exposing the abuse of children in care she gained nothing and lost almost everything, including the career she had worked hard to achieve.


On three separate occasions she has successfully sued for defamation.


There is still such enormous disquiet about the extent of institutional child abuse that in 2012 the government ordered a judicial review of the Tribunal of Inquiry by Lady Justice Macur, together with a new investigation of abuse allegations by the National Crime Agency.


Child abuse is nothing new but in our times, via the internet, it has grown into a multi-billion pound industry where, for every depraved image peddled online, a real baby or child is grossly abused, or even killed.


Child abuse will go on thriving as long as those alleging abuse are vilified as criminals and liars making false allegations for malice or money.